Terms and Conditions for Building Use

  1.  Any outside group who uses the facilities of Homer Central School District should make the following information available to all persons who enter the facilities.
  2.  All occupants are to be notified of the fire exit plan and the location of the fire alarm pull stations prior the start of the event.  Instructions for evacuation are prominently posted throughout all buildings.  In the event of an emergency evacuation all persons shall exit the building and only re-enter upon direction from the custodian on duty.
  3. All attendees should be informed of parking regulations and be required to keep fire lanes clear at all times.  Violator's vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.
  4. New York state law prohibits smoking on all school grounds.
  5. Attendees will be supervised at all times.  The supervisor will ensure that all persons have left the facilities after the event.
  6. In the event of an accident resulting in a blood or body fluid spill, the incident must be reported to the custodian on duty immediately to ensure proper clean up.
  7. All accidents must be reported to the District Office.  Forms are available for this report.  Likewise, any damage which may have occurred will be reported to the District Office.  Accidents or damage should be reported at the start of the first business day following the event.  The organization further agrees to pay for all damages incurred during the use of the building.
  8. Each organization using Homer Central School facilities will pay for any extra custodial services, supervision, and security which the school may determine are necessary at a rate of $40 per hour/per employee.
  9. The organization requested use of the facility agrees to pay all necessary charges and to abide by all local and state regulations.  The organization further agrees to be responsible for providing adequate supervision and liability of its members, as well as all necessary insurance coverage.
  10. Any materials, fixtures and/or equipment brought onto Homer CSD property by the requestor must be properly secured, maintained and serviced by the requestor. Homer CSD is not responsible for any damages to the requestor's materials, fixtures and/or equipment, and is not responsible for any personal injury due to the use or misuse of the aforementioned items.

You will read the following statement before the start of your event when it is held in an area of public assembly: (i.e. auditorium, cafeteria, gym etc…):
"Before this events starts we are required to inform you of the fire exit plan and fire alarm pull stations (Point  out).  Fire lanes are marked and no parking is permitted in these areas.  Vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.  In case of emergency please exit in an orderly manner".
Emergency Phone Numbers
Fire or Ambulance (Homer)         911
Police (Homer)                                  911
Cortland Co. Sheriff                        911
State Police                                        911

Poison Control                                  1.800.252.5655

Your event will comply with all local and fire regulations and code requirements for this location.