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Due Tuesday(11/13/2018)
7A Math Math 7 & Advanced: No homework! Enjoy your long weekend :)
Due Wednesday(11/14/2018)
6A Language Arts Lesson 3 in pink packet. Read chapters 4 & 5 and answer the question, what does Noah think about Miles Umlatt?This is due Wednesday, the 14th.
6B General News PICTURE RETAKE DAY is Wednesday, 11/15.
6B Math Weekly: Unit Price wkst.
7A Math Math 7 & Advanced: No homework! Enjoy your long weekend :)
8A Social Studies Create your invention for the Shark Tank Challenge. Come to class with a picture and paragraph description of it.
8A Math MATH 8: Worksheet on Solving Equations (show your checks on loose-leaf) ALGEBRA: HW 3 Wksht.
8B Social Studies Complete your invention. Finish The Well that Changed Her World questions if not done in class.
8B Social Studies Shark Tank Invention is due!
8A Math ALGEBRA: Quiz 4-1 11/16/18
8B Math Algebra- Quiz 11/16/18
6B Math End of Module 1 Assessment tbg around Mon/Tues: November 19/20. 11/19/18
7A Math Math 7: Quiz 2-2. Topics to study include: Simplifying expressions by using distribution and combining like terms and factoring expressions 11/27/18
7A Math Advanced Math: Quiz 2-2. Be sure to know all of your exponent rules. Workbook page 27 is a great one to study! 11/27/18

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