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Documents for 18-01-23 meeting:

web-05.01 January 23 Agenda 2.pdf
web-06.01 2018-01-09-BOEMinutes.pdf
web-08.01 Science Standards Presentation.pdf
web-09.01 Budget Presentation.pdf
web-11.01 Budget Guidelines.pdf
web-11.03 Disposal of Items B and G.pdf
web-11.03 Disposal of Items IN.pdf
web-11.03 Disposal of Items JH.pdf
web-11.04 Internal Audit Services.pdf
web-11.05 Fire Inspection Report Checklist.pdf
web-11.05 Fire Inspection Report.pdf
web-11.06 Field Trip Request.pdf
web-11.07 Policy 3271.pdf
web-11.07 Policy 5670.pdf
web-11.07 Policy 7550.pdf
web-14.01 Fundraising HS.pdf
web-14.03 ESSA.pdf

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