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Documents for 15-02-09 meeting:

04.01 February 9 Agenda.pdf
05.01 2016-01-26-BOEMinutes.pdf
07.01 Innovative Response Training Presentation.pdf
08.01 Budget Presentation.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 5630 Facilities Inspection O and M.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 5633 Pest Management.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 5675 Student Grading Info Systems.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 6111Testing Misconduct.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 6160 Code Of Ethics.pdf
09.01 2nd Reading Policy 6170 Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf
10.01 Claims Audit Report.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund A1 Dec 15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund A2 Dec15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund C1 Dec 15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund C2 Dec 15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund F1 Dec15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund H1 Dec 15.pdf
10.01 Warrant Fund H2 Dec 15.pdf
10.01 Warrant T and A Dec 15.pdf
10.02 Extra Class Report Dec 15.pdf
10.02 Treasurers Report Dec 15.pdf
10.03 Investment Summary Dec 15.pdf
10.04 Budget and Revenue Reports.pdf
12.01 Fundraising HS.pdf
12.02 Exit Interview.pdf
12.03 BOCES Board Member Nomination.pdf

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