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Documents for 14-01-21 meeting:

05.01 January 21 Agenda.pdf
07.01 2014-01-07-BOEMinutes.pdf
09.01 Blue Pride.pdf
10.01 Budget Presentation.pdf
11.01 2nd Reading Policy 3249 Use of Facilities by the Boy Scouts of America and Patriotic Youth Groups[1].pdf
11.01 2nd Reading Policy 3250 use of School Facilities Materials and Equipment.pdf
11.01 2nd Reading Policy 8460 Home Instruction.pdf
11.01 2nd Reading Policy 8550 Parent Involvement for Children with Disbilities 1.pdf
12.03 Budget Guidelines.pdf
14.01 Fundraising Updates.pdf
14.03 Partnership Agreement.pdf
14.04 Strategic Plan Update.pdf

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